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A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet -  Arthur Conan Doyle I felt like I couldn't possibly give Sherlock Holmes a two star, but to be quite honest, what I liked about this book was simply the insight into the time; the "advanced" detective work of Holmes, the apparent British resentment (and fear) of "foreigners" and new world religion, and hearing about all the places in London I now myself haunt. However, there was little opportunity for the reader to solve the mystery along with Holmes, and really the climax of the novel was finding out how on earth Holmes could have possibly figured it out, rather than finding out the murderer. It seems an expression of Holmes' - and perhaps Doyle's - ego, rather than a bonafide "murder mystery." That being said, part of me enjoyed reading Holmes' absurd arrogance and hints about his not-yet-revealed vices. I will probably read more Holmes again, but more so because I am intrigued by the culture of Holmes, rather than the stories themselves. As far as murder mysteries go, I'd take Agatha Christie over Doyle any day. And I feel a little rebellious admitting it.