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1982 [Hardcover]

1982 - Jian Ghomeshi I love Jian Ghomeshi and I really wanted to really like this book. And I didn't dislike it. I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't curious about Jian Ghomeshi's life.It was written as if you would read it out loud; not poorly, but not amazingly. It wouldn't have been published if he wasn't somebody already, and that takes away from its literary merit, to me. Jian writes well for the radio, he talks well on the radio, and he is a great curator of music. I think he should have presented his biography in the format he is obviously most familiar with and best at. Not everybody has to write a novel. It would have been better served if Jian had written it as a series of personal essays and read them on the radio along with the accompanying music. Actually, I think that would be really awesome. He should do that.