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Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People

Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People - Douglas Coupland, Graham Roumieu I didn't laugh, and they weren't clever. They were just children's stories with death added in to make them "inappropriate." I only really liked (and only mildly) the one about the exchange student, but I found some of the racist remarks troubling (I know that it was supposed to be a "commentary" on people's inaccurate stereotypes on people from Germany, but the ending only seemed to confirm those stereotypes, hence I was troubled).Children's-books-for-adults is a genre I'm quite interested in, but this was very disappointing from an author I've enjoyed in the past. It just seemed sloppy and contrived, and I can't imagine the entirety of the thing could have taken more than a day to write. And if it did, I wish Coupland's efforts had been spent elsewhere. Some of the illustrations were quite fun though, and I loved some of the details, like the popular girls wearing Ugg boots, or the juice box smoking out of his straw.