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Death Comes to Pemberley

Death Comes to Pemberley - P.D. James This was a fun read! Besides some dabbling in Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, I'm a mystery novice, so I can't really vouch for how good the mystery was - only I doubt anyone could have figured it out. I certainly didn't.What I can vouch for, however, is how well P.D. James picks up on Austen's sardonic wit and gently teases her characters while still having a sort of sympathy for them and their situation. She does a good job expanding on Austen's story, though certain insinuations make it obvious this is being written from the perspective of a woman in the 21st century, and she does lightly call into question how modern-day readers idealise the Elizabeth-Darcy romance. I also quite enjoyed all the brief references to other characters from Austen novels through social gossip or mild implications in the plot.Overall, a fun and enjoyable read and pretty impressive for 90-years-old!SSP (shameless self promotion): http://carolyn-psutka.suite101.com/book-review-death-comes-to-pemberley-by-pd-james-a402352